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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something's blooming here!!!

At CHA we introduced our Lil' Blooms!!! It's a canvas diecut already for you to create your flowers!! We are so excited you fell in love with them as much as we do!!
For those of you that didn't get to see them let me show you how fun and easy.
You can paint, sprits, stamp, color, etc.
All you do is take the end piece and start rolling it.
Keep rolling it until you get to the center.
Once you get to the center add a glue dot to the bottom.
I used glimmer mist to add color to this little cutie.
Added a pearl and a piece of paper for a leaf and
there you have it...a flower!!
Here's another thing I did. I glimmer misted again.
I took one of my Hero Arts stamps and stamped all around the flower
It looked like this when I was done.
I then rolled it...added a button...and a leaf and there you go!
Another really cute flower!!
What do you think of our little flowers? Look out for these at your LSS!! If they don't have them, send them our way!! :)
Hugs, Suzy West


  1. I can't wait to have these beauties in my hot little hands (well, fat sausage finger hands acutally). I wanna paint 'em, spray 'em, ink 'em, stamp 'em, emboss 'em and so much more.

  2. wow suzy ! You need I wonderful job!! I think I want to try this now!

  3. I LOVE IT!! I just bought these Chinese Lanterns made by Martha Stewart today at Michael's and now you have given me a GREAT IDEA!! Have you seen how they attach flowers and glue them onto these lanterns? THESE would be perfect =D I was going to try the tissue paper thing but the colored tissue paper was sooo expensive just for a couple sheets =/ Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  4. These are too cute! Can't wait to use them!

  5. wow,very nice!!!Have a nice day,Jolanda

  6. Great Flowers! I have saw a tutorial somewhat like this but this one is better. Are you using canvas? I wonder what it would do if you used paper? I think I will give this a try. Thank You for sharing.

  7. I really like these...very cute. Thanks for the tutorial