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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Meet Guest designer, Gloria Stengel

I'm happy to introduce you to Gloria Stengel. She is on the Graphic 45 design team and had the opportunity to create with one of Punky Sprouts albums, Rebel Sprout
I asked her a couple of questions about working with our products and here is what she said.

1. Was this your first punky album that you played with?
Yes! And my first time playing with canvas pages.
2. What was your favorite part of designing with the album?
The "odd" sizes and different textures of the pages. It was fun to be able to use both large and small pages within the same album. I also love being able to see things peeking out from behind the pages.
3. Will you be making another one? If so, which album catches your eye?
I'd love to work with the NEW Junk in My Punk album. I love the size of that one. Or the Alfalfa Sprout, that one looks fabbie, too.
4. Is this project for you or is a gift? It's for myself.
I normally give my mini albums away, but this time I made it just for myself.
5. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Let's just say, I'm a mature crafter, and leave it at that! I've been paper crafting most of my life, but found rubber stamping in 1990 (before I had kids) and modern scrapbooking in 1996. I love everything about paper! From the smell to the texture to the colors. I've been married to Matthew, who supports my addiction to paper, for almost 23 years. We have three children (Nathan age 18, Laura age 14, and Jonah age 10). I've homeschooled for the past 12 years and graduated Nathan in 2009. One down, two to go! I'm on several design teams, including Graphic45, which is a huge thrill. I enjoy creating in my studio and "making stuff." I hope to be able to enjoy this hobby well into my "golden years." I certainly have enough paper to last that long!

Thank you Gloria for sharing your beautiful project with us!!

We would love to feature your Punky Sprouts project here. Email me at psajfamily@aol.com

We have a lot going on at the Punky Sprouts warehouse!!! Lots of products have been going out the door so check your local scrapbook stores!!!! If they don't have them, send them our way!!! We'll hook them up! :)

Have a wonderful week!
Suzy West


  1. Very beautiful project! Love the drawing of the different place in Cali.

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Loved working with the album!

  3. What a wonderful project. Thank you for sharing it.