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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming holiday classes!!!

Can you believe it? There are Christmas and winter items in almost every store already!
I love Christmas so it's okay by me!! It looks like many of you do too!!!
I've had several requests for me to teach my Happy Holidays class featuring our newest album, Junk In My Punk
I will be teaching this class at:

November 19th-November 21st

December 3th-December 5th

NEW store opening in Newark, Ca(more info coming soon)
December 18th

(there are more pages in this book. just some teasers)

I will be teaching this Countdown to Christmas class as well!!!
This is using our newest product: Punky Playground (12x12 corrugated boards)

November 5th-November 7th

November 12th-14th

New Store opening, Newark, Ca (info coming soon)
November 27th

December 3rd-December 5th

I'm teaching other classes as well at these stores but these are my holiday related ones!!!
Hope to see you there!!

Hugs, Suzy West


  1. awesome projects. I really love the new Christmas book :)

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love these....I so wish I could take the classes!!! AWESOME!!!